Services / Maintenance

If you are a landlord with multiple properties, it's not mystery that there is a lot of work involved and too much for one person to take on alone. Because so much maintenance needs to take place regularly, it is necessary to hire a contractor or a maintenance person. In this instance, you will need to draw up building maintenance contracts. Techspan Techniques can offer you a complete package of maintenance for all of your buildings, from first contact we will draw up a list of things to do and time scale giving you piece of mind.

We can offer you everything from gutter cleaning to grass cutting, from painting to pressure washing sorry, but we don't clean company cars. It's good to know that a company that could supply and erect a new building will also be there for your existing building repairs typically when delivery drivers catch the wall or reverse into the building instead of the loading bay, more common than you may think! We can replace anything from a single sheet to a complete gutter.